pickmeup.menu is a 100% Australian owned and operated way for cafes and restaurants and their customers to stay loyal to each other, without horrendous fees or third party interference. Pickmeup.menu makes social distancing while ordering takeaway simple.
Diners order food and drinks and pay online, and when their meals are ready, they receive a text message or phone notification to come and pick it up. It’s a breeze for everyone.

Why customers love pickmeup.menu

  • Order food and drinks from your favourite cafes and restaurants.
  • You save because it cost the restaurant less.
  • Easy online ordering.
  • Fast, simple online payment.
  • Visa, Mastercard or Amex.
  • Compatible with all browsers.
  • No waiting in store – we’ll text you when your pickup is ready.
  • ‘Support your local businesses.’

Why cafes and restaurants love pickmeup.menu

  • Order food and beverages from your favourite cafés and restaurants from one easy app.
  • Industry’s lowest merchant fees – you sell for less and keep more.
  • Your whole menu online with easy selections.
  • No lost or confused phone orders.
  • Contactless, secure online payment.
  • Encourages customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Easy for customers.
  • No queues of waiting people.
It’s quick & easy for restaurants to get onto pickmeup.menu & you can add your local favourites.
100% Australian made, owned and run
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